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Residential & Commercial Large Loss Water Damage Remediation

We are familiar with the special difficulties that water damage can present to both residential and commercial properties because we are located in the center of Orlando, Florida. In order to return your property to its pre-damage condition, our team specializes in complete massive water damage cleanup. We provide exceptional expertise as well as a prompt response.

Unexpected water damage incidents can occur at any time, causing significant damage to your property and wreaking ruin. Whether it’s a broke pipe, a strong storm, or flooding, our highly trained professionals are ready to help right away. We are aware that every second counts in terms of preventing additional damage and protecting your valuable products.

residential clean up
residential clean up

What Sets Us Apart

·         Rapid Response

Our Orlando-based team is available all the time and prepared to respond quickly to your water damage emergency involving significant damage. We leave right away for your area because we are aware of how urgent the situation is.

·         Comprehensive Solutions

Even the most severe cases of water damage can be handled by our professionals since they are trained and equipped to do so. To reduce downtime, we evaluate the damage’s severity, create an extensive remediation plan, and effectively carry it out.

·         Modern Technology

Modern technology and innovative drying methods are used by our company to guarantee a complete and efficient restoration process. Our tools are made to quickly eliminate moisture, preventing the growth of mold and structural problems.

·         Experienced Team

Our experienced technicians are prepared to manage any residential or commercial major loss water damage emergency because of their many years of industry experience. We are pleased with our dedication to quality.

At Water Damage Orlando, we are aware that experiencing significant water damage can be stressful. Our goal is to make your life easier, offer exceptional remediation services, and bring your property back to its previous glory. We are a trusted resource in times of need for Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding areas.


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    See Why Customers Trust Water
    Damage Orlando

    Taylor Green
    Water Damage Orlando responded to my water damage emergency promptly. Their team was professional, efficient, and wasted no time in mitigating the damage. I highly recommend their services for anyone in need of quick and reliable water damage Remediation.
    Taylor Green
    David Mitchell
    I had a water damage emergency in my office, and Water Damage Orlando came to my rescue. Their team was incredibly professional and efficient. They quickly assessed the situation, extracted the water, and restored the affected areas. The quality of their work exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend their services.
    David Mitchell
    Robert Collins
    When my basement flooded due to heavy rainfall, I contacted Water Damage Orlando for help. Their team was prompt and equipped with the necessary tools to handle the situation. They worked diligently to remove the water, thoroughly dried the space, and ensured there was no residual moisture. Their expertise and attention to detail were remarkable.
    Robert Collins
    James Thompson
    I recently experienced a sewage backup in my home, and I can't thank Water Damage Orlando enough for their swift response. They arrived within an hour and immediately started the cleanup process. Their team wore protective gear, thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the affected areas, and eliminated any lingering odors. I'm grateful for their professionalism and expertise.
    James Thompson
    Emilia Clarke
    I was impressed by the expertise and professionalism of Water Damage Orlando when they helped me with a sewage backup issue. They acted swiftly, effectively removing the sewage and thoroughly sanitizing the area. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction are commendable.
    Emilia Clarke
    Maria Kloop
    Water Damage Orlando delivered outstanding results in restoring my property after flood damage. Their team worked diligently to extract the water, dry the structure, and restore everything to its pre-damage condition. I'm extremely satisfied with their services and would recommend them to anyone facing flood damage challenges.
    Maria Kloop
    Matthew Wilson
    When a burst pipe caused significant water damage in my kitchen, I reached out to Water Damage Orlando for assistance. Their team arrived promptly and worked efficiently to mitigate the damage. They provided excellent communication throughout the process and ensured that my kitchen was restored to its pre-damage condition. I was impressed with their skill and professionalism.
    Matthew Wilson

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    What should I do immediately if I experience a large water damage incident in Orlando, FL?

    Safety should always come first in cases of severe water damage. As soon as possible, stop the water source and make sure that everyone is safe. Then get in touch with Water Damage Orlando, a local emergency response team in Orlando, Florida.

    How long does the water damage remediation process typically take for a large loss scenario?

    The level of the damage determines how long the cleanup process will take. Remediation time for large loss water damage events can take longer than for less incidents. On the basis of the particular conditions surrounding your Orlando, Florida property, our team of experts will conduct an extensive inspection and provide you an approximate time.

    Does my insurance cover large loss water damage remediation in Orlando, Florida?

    Remediation of water damage is typically covered by homeowners and commercial property insurance policies. The particular coverage, however, can vary according to your policy and the reason for the damage. We can help you with the insurance claim process and will work directly with your insurance company to make sure your claim filing goes smoothly.